Vapcell S4+ Smart Chargers with 4 Slots, Max 3A Per Slot, for 10440 14500 16340 18650 21700 and 26650 Batteries

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Please note that Vapcell S4 can not charge D Cells!!

Vapcell S4 Charger, the manual is wrong printed by Printing company.

Sofirn fans told Vapcell has a great charger with 4 slots, we found vapcell company and start selling Vapcell S4+ charger.

The first batch Vapcell S4 plus charger was sent to Professional and well-known engineer in demark : Henrik Damgaard on Nov,2019. And our senior engineer team did Comprehensive upgrade from Feb,2020, and now most functions are upgraded after another 6 months’ endeavor.

Vapcell S4 plus is the FIRST charger on the market have 12A charge current (3A/slot), Discharge funtion , Capacity test , Repair function, and Easily change charge current via Manual and AUTO mode.

Vapcell S4 +advanced 4 channel charger for Li-ion and Ni-Mh with multiple current settings and USB output.

This charger is fairly advanced and versatile. It can charge Li-on from 10440 to 21700 and 26650 and charge high current batteries very fast.

With Ni-Mh it worked perfectly for charging. It can also discharge, test and repair batteries.

S4 plus charger are the most cost effective charger from similar function analysis charger angle.  

CE, PSE FCC certificate are available . Choose Vapcell S4 plus charger , choose Peace of mind and safety.