Sofirn SP10Pro AA Flashlight Anduril 2 EDC Light Attiny1616 Version, LH351D LED 90CRI

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Sofirn SP10Pro is a super bright 14500 EDC flashlight.


1. EDC FLASHLIGHT: The Sofirn SP10 Pro is a newly released EDC flashlight. It features 5 lighting modes by default but can be easily configured to meet your various lighting uses.

2. Mini & powerful: SP10Pro is a mini flashlight with an LH351D 90 CRI LED which can output 900 lumens at maximum level. It is also equipped with a Toughened mineral glass lens and an Orange peel textured reflector.  

3. COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The light measures just 88 mm long and weighs 40g without a battery. The SP10 Pro is the perfect companion for everyday lighting needs.

4. HANDHELD & HANDS-FREE: This handheld flashlight can also be used as a headlamp with the two-way clip that can be attached to a baseball cap. The optional magnetic tail cap also allows for hands-free use in tight places.

5. BATTERY OPTIONS: The SP10 Pro can run off on a single AA (Ni-MH or alkaline) battery or a 14500 Li-ion battery. It also features a very low standby drain so the SP10 Pro will never leave you with an unexpected dead battery.

6. DURABLE: The body is made of hard anodized aircraft grade 6063 aluminum alloy, has an IP68 ingress protection rating and a 1.5-meter impact resistance to withstand anything everyday life can throw at it.

7. ANDURIL 2.0: The Sofirn SP10 Pro is the first flashlight running the Anduril UI that can use both Ni-MH/alkaline AAs and 14500 Li-ion batteries which allows for maximum flexibility. It is also the first Anduril flashlight on the market using the new Attiny1616 microcontroller.
8. Low voltage protection: The flashlight steps down automatically when the voltage is lower than 3.0V. It also turns off automatically if the voltage gets lower than 2.7V. Please recharge the battery.


Anduril2 User Interface
Orange peel textured reflector
Emitter: 1x 90 CRI LH351D LED
Weight: 40 ± 1 grams (without battery)
Dimension: 88 mm (length) × 20.5mm (head diameter)
Toughened mineral glass lens - scratch and wear resistant
Battery options: 1x 14500 Li-Ion battery, 1x AA alkaline battery, 1x AA NiMH battery
Operating voltage: 3.0V - 4.2V (14500 battery) / 1.0V - 1.60V (AA alkaline or NiMH battery)
Automatic Stepdown: Turbo mode steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating.