Sofirn SF26 Tactical Flashlight Max 2000 Lumens, Rechargeable EDC Flashlight SFT40 LED with Tail Switch

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Style:  6500K without battery
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The Sofirn SF26 is a handheld tactical flashlight suitable for everyday use. It delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens and throws a maximum beam distance of 964 meters. Bright enough to light up your garage or yard. Moreover, it features a primary switch for momentary or constant on operation and a mode switch to change brightness. Never get lost in multiple brightness levels and even the elderly can use it with ease.

1. High Performance: SF26 can illuminate up to 964 meters, and the maximum brightness can reach 2000lm. It can illuminate a wider range, provide a better view, and it is safer to illuminate at night. It is very suitable for night walking/walking dogs/patrolling;

2. Hidden Charging Port: Rotate the neck barrel to reveal the TYPE-C charging port, which supports the charging function and at the same time maintains the overall aesthetics of the torch, avoids the separation of the barrel head and ensures waterproofness.

3. Dual Control Tail Switch: Multi-functional tactical tail dual switch, can be operated with one key burst flash, one key extremely bright, key layout is more reasonable, second response.

4. Simple Operation: SF26 has two programs, one is suitable for daily basic use, and the other is for emergency use. The two switches are shared , switching to the desired mode faster and easier to operate. In the openstate, click the auxiliary switch to adjust the gears cyclically.

5. Easy to Carry: Lightweight and small, it can be carried randomly, and it does not take up space in a pocket or backpack.

6. Convenient Charging: When the charging current of SF26 is 2Ah. The battery life is long but the charging time is short, and the on duty state is maximized. The large-capacity battery provides super long battery life, and can work continuously for 100 hours under energy saving. 

7. Extra-long Irradiation Distance: Ultra-long distance, powerful power, the longest irradiation distance up to 964 metres, suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, climbing and other scenes.



1. Emitter: 1x SFT40 LED 6000-6500K

2. Switch Type: Tactical Tail E-Switch

3. Reflector: PMMA TIR Lens

4. Operating voltage: 3.0V–4.2V

5. Battery options: 1x 21700 5000mah Li-Ion battery

6. Dimension: 149mm(length)x 60mm(headdiameter)

7. Material: AL6061-T6 aluminium alloy

8. USB Type-C charging

9. Reverse polarity protection to protect against improper battery installation.

10. Advanced Temperature Regulation(ATR) technology: As the temperature rises, SF26 is programmed to automatically step down and step up the brightness to prevent over-heating.