H05B Headlamp Powerful 2000 lumen 3 White LEDs + 2 Red LED bulbs Type-c Rechargeable Outdoor Headlight

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Style:  H05B without battery
Different Led:  SST20 Version
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The H05B headlamp is updated from Sofirn Shop's popular headlamp D25S and H05A, also powered by single 18650 battery, outputing 2000 lumen max.


1. LED: H05B uses 3* SST20 LEDs+ 2 PE Red lights or 3* Osram P8 LEDs + 2 PE Red LED (70CRI)

2. Rechargeable: H05B is equipped with a rechargeable 18650 battery, using a hidden Type-C charging port, it takes 5 hours to be fully charged. 

3. Mode: Low(1270lm)-- Turbo(2015lm); Strobe; SOS; Beacon

4. Tint: 6000K-6500K cool white light 

5. Two versions:
Osram P8 version (3 pcs of Osram P8 LED cool white bulbs or 2 pcs of PE RED LED bulbs)
Luminus SST20 LED version (3 pcs of Osram P8 LED cool white bulbs or 2 pcs of PE RED LED bulbs)

6. Material: Aluminum Alloy Head Lamp + Elasticity Head Band

7. Light angle: 120° (the headlamp can adjust around 180° when you use headband)

8. Package:
H05B Without battery: H05B headlamp+ charging cable+ headband+ others
H05B With 18650 battery: H05B headlamp+ Sofirn 3000mah 18650 battery+ headband+ charging cable+ others

9. Recharging:
Please unscrew the switch cap and plug in USB cable;
In charging: the LED indicator is Red;
Full: the LED indicator is green

10. Tips:
please recharge or replace the battery when the light starts to flash(except normal Strobe/ Beacon).
Please make sure that USB cable matching USB port in right direction and remove USB cable timely when it finishes charging.
please unscrew the tail cap half a circle to keep the battery from draining when not in use.