How to compare BLF Q8, Q8, Q8 Pro?

Barry Jul 16, 2021

If you want a really nice beam, choose BLf Q8, because XPL HD V6 3D has a beautiful neutral beam about 5000K. 

If you care about beam distance, choose Sofirn Q8.

If you care about super high lumens, sofirn Q8 Pro is what your need.

Furthermore, sofirn Q8 Pro with built-in Type-C charging port, it can be charged by your type C charger, also charges your phone via 5V 2A.


  BLF Q8 Sofirn Q8 Sofirn Q8 Pro

4x XPL HD V6 3D

4x XPL HI 6500K

4x XHP50.2(3V)

Max Brightness

> 5000 LM

> 5000 LM

11000 LM

Max Beam Distance

450 Meters

550 Meters

400 meters


NarsilM V1.3

NarsilM V1.3


Charging Port





4x 18650 button top

4x 18650 button top

4x 18650 button top