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Sofirn SP36S 5200lumen Rechargeable Flashlight, 4* LH351D 5000K leds quick charge

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※ 4* LH351D 5000K for max 5200 Lumens
※ Working Voltage: 2.8V-4.2V
※ Battery Options: three 18650 Li-ion batteries
※ Dimension: 126.7mm (length)× 50mm (head diameter)
※ Weight: 300±5 gram (without batteries)
※ Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to Military Grade Specification type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.
※ Toughened mineral glass lens with AR coating - scratch and wear resistant
※ Protection from improper battery installation
※ Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: the light will adjust the brightness level automatically to prevent overheating
※ Battery Level Indicator: Green light constantly on: Sufficient; Red light constantly on: Low; Red light quick flash: Critical, recharge the light as soon as possible.

Operation Instruction:
The side switch controls all flashlight functions as follows:
Group 1: 6 modes
  1. Short click to turn on; press and hold for 0.5 second to turn off
  2. Short click the side switch to cycle through modes:
To change from Group 1 to Group 2: when light is ON, four fast clicks convert group. Two blinks will confirm mode group change.
Group 2: Ramping
Single click turns off/on.
Ramping: Press and hold side switch to ramp up or down. Ramping changes direction when press button again within 1.5 seconds; same direction when ramping again after 1.5 seconds.
The light blinks once time when it reaches Eco or High mode.
Turbo Mode
Double clicks to activate Turbo mode, one click to return last brightness level used.
Strobe Mode
Triple clicks to activate Strobe mode, long press to cycle through Strobe-Beacon-SOS, one click to return the remembered brightness level.
When the light is OFF, four fast clicks to lock-out, another four fast clicks cancel the lock-out. When the light is locked, the main led only blinks to remind the status.
Battery Level Indication
The switch led shows battery level within 5 seconds after turned on. There are 3 status:
Green light constant on: Sufficient;
Red light constant on: Low;
Red light quick flash: Critical, recharge the batteries as soon as possible.

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