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Sofirn SP33S Powerful 5000lm With Cree XHP70B LED light, USBC rechargeable torch light with Power Indicator by 26650 battery

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This is a new Sofirn 26650 battery Flashlight. Updated from Sofirn SP33 V3.


SP33S without battery (SP33S flashlight + charging cable+ o rings + other acceissories)
SP33S with 26650 battery (SP33S flashlight + Sofirn 26650 battery+ charging cable+ o rings + other acceissories)


1. The updated SP33S is fitted with a 6500K Cree XHP70.2 LED. Producing up to 5000 lumens.
2. An orange peel style reflector produces a clearly defined hotspot with balanced spill.
3. The SP33S can reach a maximum beam distance of 264 meters (866ft).
4. Built-in USBC Charging Port enables fast and convenient charging of the supplied high capacity 5000 mah26650 battery
5. Maximum durability Aircraft grade anti slip Aluminium body, IP68 water resistance and drop resistant to 1.5 metres .
6. Safety features include over/under discharge protection, lockout preventing accidental activation and advanced temperature regulation to prevent overheating.
7. Compact profile measuring 5'' x 1.5'' provides a portable and efficient multipurpose flashlight suitable for every day carry along with outdoor hobby/sport and professional applications such as law enforcement, search and rescue, hiking, fishing, night walking, camping etc.


※ Sofirn SP33S uses CREE XHP70.2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
※ Working Voltage: 3V-4.2V
※ Charging: 5V 3A ( one pcs of 5000mah 26650 takes 3.5 hours to charge fully)
※ Battery Options: One 26650 / 21700 Li-ion battery (18650 can be used but it is not suggested)
※ Dimension: 126mm (length)× 36mm (head diameter)
※ Weight: 139±1 gram (without batteries)
※ Orange reflector and 100° angle of light beam
※ Toughened mineral glass lens
※ Flashlight body: Aerospace grade 6063 grade aluminum alloy hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body
※ The waterproof level: IP68 (it is water resistant in rain but cannot be used in diving)
※ Reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
※ Mode Memory : Last mode remembered (except Turbo and Strobe)
※ Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: (45℃/ 55℃/ 65℃ ) the brightness level will adjust automatically when the temperature goes up or down, the higher the temperature is, the more the brightness will drop to prevent overheating. When the temperature is low enough, the brightness goes up again automatically.
※ Indicator: the indicator turns on when the flashlight turn on and turn off 5 seconds later
lasting Green: the capacity is over 70%
lasing Red: the capacity is less than 30%
flashing Red: the capacity less than 10% (please recharge soon or insert a new battery)
※ More details of operation, please feel free to read the manual or message us online.

Notice: This is a powerful flashlight, please do not shine directly to other's eyes or damage eyesight except of self defense