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Sofirn SP10S Rechargeable Flashlight, LH351D Led 90 High CRI Light with 800 lumens Max, 14500 Battery & Charger

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You are buying SP10S kit with 14500 battery and USB charging slot

Features and Specifications:
The SP10S uses a 5000k LH351D Neutral White emitter. With 6 modes, and a maximum brightness of 800 lumens(while use premium 14500 battery), the SP10S packs immense power in a tiny package.

The SP10s utilizes efficient electronics to maximize power and battery life. With a uniform hotspot, extreme brightness, and outsized throwing capability, the SP10S is an amazing choice for around the house, EDC, or outdoor activities.

It can be used as a bedside night light, or for camping, hiking, search and rescue, fishing, cycling, walking, backpacking, grilling, hunting, or emergency preparedness.


Emitter: One 5000k LH351D LED 90 CRI
Working Voltage: 0.9V-4.2V
Battery Options: One 14500 lithium ion battery or one alkaline or nimh AA battery
Dimension: 88 mm (length) *20mm (head diameter)
Weight: 38±1 gram (without batteries)
Flashlight Body: Aerospace grade 6061 grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured and military grade hard-anodized
Lens: Toughened mineral glass, scratch and wear resistant
Automatic Stepdown: Turbo mode steps down after 3 minutes of operation to prevent overheating.

Operating Instructions:

The side switch controls all flashlight functions as follows:
● One click to turn on; press and hold for 0.5 second to turn off Short click the side switch to cycle through modes:
● Eco→Low→Mid→High→Eco→Low.
● Double click to activate Turbo mode, one click to return to the previous mode
● Triple click to activate Strobe mode, one click to return to the previous mode To Lock-out the light, for storage in a pocket or bag, quickly click 4 times from off. The light will flash two times to let you know it is locked out. To unlock and turn on the light, quickly click 4 times. The light will flash two times to let you know it is unlocked. Lockout mode cannot be entered when the light is on.

Mode Memory : The light automatically memorizes the last brightness level used in the general modes when it is powered by a 14500 battery. When powered by an AA battery, mode memory is disabled, and the light will automatically turn on in low mode.