Sofirn SC21Pro Mini EDC Flashlight Rechargeable 1100 Lumen Anduril UI Keychain Light

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1. Anduril UI: We took and upgraded the SC21 UI to the Anduril UI user interface, giving you the new and improved SC21Pro.

2. Small but powerful: This small flashlight can max output up to 1100 lumens, lighting an area as large as a football field with a beam reach of up to 131 meters. With its small size and weight, it can easily be put on a keychain or be used as a general purpose tool and EDC light for night walk and other outdoor activities.

3. USB-C charging: The light is equipped with a USB Type-C input port to allow for internal battery charging, making the SC21 Pro much more convenient to use rather than having to take out the included 16340 to charge it.

4. Ready for all weather: The SC21 Pro LED flashlight is made of an aviation-grade aluminum alloy and can withstand earthquakes, heavy rain, heavy snow and other extreme weather events.

5. Magnetic tail cap: The SC21 Pro has been designed with a magnetic tail cap and pocket clip, making it possible to put the light on any magnetic surface. If that isn’t possible, then the previously mentioned pocket clip can be used to hang the light on a hat, pants or general EDC carrying tools. It’s an overall excellent flashlight to carry

6. Emitter: 1x LH351D

7. Operating voltage: 2.7V – 4.2V

8. Battery options: 1x 16340 rechargeable lithium-ion battery

9. Dimension: 73mm (length) × 22.5mm (head diameter)

10. Weight: 36 grams (without battery)

11. Toughened mineral glass lens