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Sofirn new SD01pro 10000lm powerful diving light, 3*xhp50.2 diving underwater flashlight with magnetic control switch

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Emitter: 3x cree xhp50.2 with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
Working voltage: 2.8v-4.2v

Reflector: Orange Reflector Battery
Options: Lithium-ion 4x18650 battery with top button
Dimension: 147mm (length) × 76.5mm (main diameter)
Weight: 558 grams (without batteries)
Premium Type III Aluminum Alloy, hard-anodized with coating anti-abrasive
Magnetic slewing ring and handle for convenient one-hand operation
Polarity reverse protection from improper battery installation
Low voltage warning: when battery voltage is less than 3.0 volts, the leds will start flashing quickly once a every minute as a reminder to replace the batteries. Insert recharged batteries in time to avoid any danger during diving.
Low Voltage Protection: The flashlight automatically turns off if the voltage is less than 2.8 volts. Please recharge your batteries.
Advanced temperature regulation technology (atr): atr automatically reduces the brightness level when the driver's temperature reaches 55 °C to prevent overheating

Operating Instructions
Sd01pro uses a magnetic control switch. Rotate the ring to turn the light on/off and to switch modes from left to right between low, medium, high and turbo.
Safe Diving Lighting Design
If the detected battery voltage is too low for high mode, the output will automatically go down to prolong the runtime of the flashlight.


1. no batteries: come with 1 flashlight, 2 replace orings

2. with battery kit: comes with 1 flashlight, 2 replace orings, 4*18650 battereis, 2* usb charger