Sofirn IF25A Anduril 2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight Max 3800 LM, High Lumens with 4*SST20 LED

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Style:  Anduril 2 without battery
Tint:  4000K
Ship From:  China
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Please calibrate the temperature if you find it steps down before getting hot.
This video below tells how.

The different Tints: 4000K is neutral white light beam while the 6500K is cool white light beam 

IF25A use Anduril 2.0, SST20 (6500K) led for max 3800 Lumens output. It doesn't change color temperature.


1. Super Bright: Sofirn IF25A utilizes 4 x SST20 LEDs, giving out up to 3800 lumen, throwing up to 420 meters in full capacity of a 21700 4000mah battery. It is easy to light up a room or throw at a long distance.

2. Rechargeable: Charging conveniently through the built-in type-C connector, and no need to prepare a separate battery charger around hands.

3. Anduril UI: IF25A uses the newer impressive Anduril 2.0. The flashlights has multiple brightness setting to meets most people's needs. Easily click to turn on, press and hold to ramping.

4. Compact and Durable: sofirn IF25A Rechargable Flashlight 3.49 oz / 99 grams and 4.17 inches/ 10.6cm long. Made by Aircraft 6061 grade-aluminum alloy. waterproof to IPX-8 for all weather condition and 1meters impact resistance tested.

5. Compact size: weighing 3.49 oz / 99 grams and measuring 4.17 inches/ 10.6cm, solidly built aluminum flashlight to have good tactile feel to the button and suitable for everyday carry (EDC).

6. Two choice of tints: cool white version with 4 pcs of 6500K SST20 LEDs while the neutral white version with 4 pcs of 4000K SST20 LEDs.

7. Advanced Technology Applied: Intelligent temperature control prevent overheating by reducing the output; Low Voltage Protection makes the light step down to a lower level when the battery is lower than 2.8V.

8. Default Brightness: A mode (7 lm)-- B mode (40 lm)-- C mode(110 lm)-- D mode(260 lm)-- E mode(600 lm)-- F mode (1200 lm)-- G mode(2000 lm)-- H mode(3800 lm)

9. Power Indicator:The LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery’s power status. Low Voltage Protection