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sofirn IF25 USB Rechargeable powerful Flashlight, 4x Luminus SST20, Adjustable Color Temperature

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Sofirn IF25 is a powerful, versatile flashlight designed for home, EDC or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. For best convenience it features a USB-C port for flexible recharging, stepless adjustment of the color temperature (2.700K – 6.500K), High CRI LEDs for optimal color rendition and two selectable mode groups: Group 1 with 5 stepped modes; Group 2 with stepless ramping. Moreover, it comes with a hidden moonlight, strobe, beacon, SOS and pulse mode. Sofirn first EDC flashlight of variable temperature color flashlight, new IF series ,with 2pcs SST20 2700K and 2 pcs SST20 6500K LED, you could adjust the temperature from 2700-6500K by ramping operation, with both color memory and lightness memory. Means you could achieve different color choice at each lightness mode.



Emitter: 4x Luminus SST-20 (2x 2.700K 95CRI and 2x 6.500K 70CRI)

Optic: TIR lens

Driver: Constant current circuit

Voltage: 3.0V – 4.2V

Battery options: One 21700 (recommended)

Dimension: 106,4mm (length) × 35mm (head diameter) Weight: 99 grams (without battery)

Premium type 6061 aluminum alloy, hard-anodized with anti-abrasive finish

Toughened mineral glas lens

Side switch for one-handed operation

Automatic Stepdown: Depending on the driver’s temperature, the IF25 will automatically reduce its brightness to prevent overheating.

Low stand-by drain: < 50ɥA

Power Indicator:The LED indicator in the side switch shows the battery’s power status. Low Voltage Protection