Sofirn IF22A Rechargeable EDC Flashlight Spotlight, Powerful SFT40 LED max 2100 Lumens, Long Beam Distance Light

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First Thrower with TIR lens by SOFIRN!
Sofirn IF22A is a new 21700 LED 3A Rechargeable Flashlight (fast charging)

1. Long Range Throwing: TIR lens to get better and tight hotspot, and the flashlight throws a max distance of 697 meters according to the latest test results.

2. Super Bright EDC Flashlight: Using SFT40 6000-6500K LED bulb to output 2100 lumens max which is brighter than one car front light and effortlessly lighting up your backyard or living room.

3. USB Rechargeable & Fast Charging: Being built into the Sofirn IF22A flashlight is USB-C charging. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge and runs 5.5 hours at medium mode, 40 hours at low mode.

4. Two light groups: 5 Light modes plus Strobe and Ramping, you can easily get your favorite brightness from 1 lumen to 2100 lumens to meet your different needs in outdoor activities, such as hunting, camping, hiking, riding, searching, riding and others.

5. Power Bank Output: The flashlight can be used as a powerbank to charge other digital devices. It’s got a whopping 5000mah of capacity with the stock batteries so it is able to recharge your smartphone when your phone is out of juice.

6. Battery: Powered by a single 21700 battery (button-top 21700 cell has better connection with the driver in usage); Longer running time than that of being powered by a 18650 battery.

7. Flashlight body: Aerospace grade grade aluminum alloy, CNC manufactured to Military Grade Specification typeⅢhard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to get solid built body, anti-crash geometry and better heat exchange.

8. Automatic Stepdown: when reaching 55℃ or at Turbo mode it steps down to High mode automatically to prevent overheating.

9. Waterproof level: IPX8 (in rain not as diving flashlight underwater)

10. Option:
IF22A without battery: IF22A Torch, 1 user manual, 2 spare orings
IF22A with battery: IF22A Torch, one 21700 battery, 1 USB charing cable, 1 user manual, 2 spare o-rings

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