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Sofirn EC03 XHP50B Anduril UI 6700lm Powerful Flashlight, 21700 Type C 6000-6500K Rechargeable EDC Portable Light

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Specifications :
Emitter: 3*XHP50.2 3V LED

Max Output: 6700 lumens

Ranges: 303 meters

Firmware: Anduril UI

Battery Settings: 1*21700 battery

Charging: Built-in charger via USB-C

Switch: electronic switch side

Lens: High transmittance glass flux

Material: Aerospace grade aluminum alloy

Waterproof: IPX8 waterproof

Weight: 175g without battery

Size: 126mm x 48.5mm (length x head diameter)

1. stepless dimming mode operation:

 In shutdown: double-click to set the maximum brightness of the after adjustment, double-click again to give extremely bright output;

 In the power-on state, press and hold the brightness to increase the dimming; click to increase the brightness and press the brightness to decrease the dimming; double-click to switch to the extremely bright output.

 In the power-on state: - once after three clicks to switch the dimming mode (smooth dimming step dimming)

 Quick 4-click to enter the dimming configuration in the power-on state:

 When the machine is locked, triple-click to change the status of the indicator light: no low-flashing high cycle;

2. muggle meter mode:

In the shutdown state, quickly enter 6 clicks; to enter and exit, it still needs 6 clicks to exit.

3. indicator light:

The indicator light is emerald green, the power-on status indicator is on (dark when the main light is low, and bright when the main light is high), in the shutdown state, quickly click 7 times to switch the indicator state: off, dark, bright, bright and blinking;

Package includes:

without battery: 1 x EC03 flashlight, 1 x lanyard (Not include battery)

with battery: 1 x EC03 flashlight, 1 x lanyard, 1x 21700 battery