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Sofirn C01 AAA Flashlight 5mm 3400K LED 95+ CRI

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C01 is a tiny Keychain light which is continued as BLF C01. The original yuji led is discontinued, why a kind guy find sophia 5mm led as a replacment which turns out to be great.


There are different body colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Desert Tan with 3400K white led; 




Emitter: sophia 5mm 3400K


CRI (min): 95


Working Voltage: 0.9V-1.5V


Dimension: 71.6mm(length) *14.5mm(head diameter)


Weight: 15 gram ( without battery)


Battery Options: One 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery or one 1.2V NIMH battery (Neither Included)


DIY Enabled: the tail cap stands upside down; the round hole is for 5mm (diameter) magnet; and the other is trit hole (magnet and trit not included)


Easy Operation: rotate the head to turn on / off



Colors may vary on different screen