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Ship From USA, D25LR Rechargeable Headlamp, LH351D 5000K White Led 90 CRI and SST20 DR 660 nm Red LED flashlight, Micro USB Charging Port

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1. High CRI White & Deep Red Emitters: The D25LR headlamp utilizes dual LED Emitters. One of which is the LH351D 5000K CRI 90 High for a nice comfortable white beam. The other LED Emitter is the SST20-DR Red LED, which produces red light in the wavelength of 660nms which helps to protect your night vision.

2. USB Rechargeable & a Power Indicator: The D25LR is powered by an 18650 battery with a 50,000 hours lifespan. It also has a built-in Micro USB charging port, which permits fast and convenient charging saving you the trouble of removing the battery.

3. One Hand Operation: One switch controls Two LEDs. From Off: Click to Turn On the White Light LED. From ON: Hold the power button to cycle through the 4 Brightness Modes of: Moon-Low-Medium-High. You can also operate it a second way. From Off: Hold the power button to the flashlight turn On. Then release and hold the power button again to cycle through the 4 Modes of: Moon-Low-Medium-High. Then from On: Click to Turn Off.

4. Build Quality: The D25LR Headlamp is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, with a hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The rechargeable headlamp is built to endure rough handling. The D25LR Headlamp has an IPX6 waterproof rating, which gives it good protection. The D25LR Headlamp is a practical outdoor survival tool useful for camping, hiking, fishing, working or night walking.

5. This small LED headlamp emits the deep red light that may help improve declining eyesight, when used as suggested in recent scientific studies. Improve declining eyesight


*LH351D 5000K LED 90 CRI + SST20 DR 660nm Red LED Emitters.

*86mm (length) x 25mm (body diameter).

*Powered by an 18650 Lithium Battery.

*IPX6 waterproof rated.

*Simple operation with a side switch.

*Battery level and charging indicators.

*Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

*Intelligent memory circuit recalls the last used brightness level when turned on.


5000K LED 90 CRI: White light for a remarkable color rendering. Delivering a max output of 500lm.
SST20 DR 660nm Red LED: Red light in the wavelength of 660nm protects your night vision, keeps your peripheral vision and may help improve declining eyesight.

Weighting 80g (without the battery) makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It has an easily adjustable headband for a custom fit for hands free illumination.

*Build Quality: D25LR is IPX6 waterproof and is impact resistant from height of 1 meter. It is built to withstand challenging weather conditions, from extreme heat to bone-chilling cold.

*One Hand Operation: A single switch for easy operation. Operate the flashlight with one hand by clicking the power button for ON/OFF and pressing to change brightness levels.

*4 Brightness Levels (White Light LED Emitter): Moon-Low-Medium-High. On full brightness, it produces a max output of 500 lm for long distance searching. On a lower setting, it is perfect for close up illumination.

*LED Indicator
When charging, the battery indicator light glows red. After reaching Full Charge, the indicator light glows green.

*Mode Memory
It automatically memorizes the last brightness level used. It will turn back on to the exact brightness you last used.

Runs on one 18650 Lithium battery.

*Operation - White and Red LED Emitters.
1. Click to Turn On/Off the white LED. Press and Hold to change the modes from: Moonlight/Low/Medium/High.
2. While Off, Press and Hold to turn on the Red LED. While On, Press and hold to change the mode of the Red LED from: Moonlight/Low/Medium/High.
3. Click to turn Off.