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Ship from Canada, Sofirn SC21 Mini Flashlight Rechargeable, max 1000 High lumens, Super Bright with 16340

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This link is only for people located in Canada, order will be sent from Ontario. If you want to buy together with other models, please make sure they are all ship from Canada.

--SC21 Set:
Sofirn SC21 Flashlight x 1, 16340 battery x1, Type-c Charging Cable x 1,  Lanyard x 1 Pocket Clip  x1,  O-ring  x 2


1. [Mini but Good Performance]: Sofirn SC21 is a tiny but powerful EDC flashlight. It is as small as your thumb finger, and it fits well in your pocket, hand, handbag or even can be attached to your keychain. The mini light is rated at a maximum output of 1000 Lumen. It easily lights up a football field (100m / 328ft) with a high powered and super bright LH351D 5000K 90 CRI LED. This high 90 CRI LED provides a balanced beam with some throw and flood for optimal clarity and comfortable vision during use. It is a great tool for use around the house, EDC, camping, hiking, dog walking, jogging etc.

2. [USB Rechargeable & Long-lasting]: Charging the Sofirn SC21 is very easy. Just insert the provided (or any) USB type-C cable to charge the flashlight. Both USB-A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C cables can be used as well as any charger. This is very convenient as you can charge the keychain light with any USB-C cable and charger you have at hand. The recharging of the flashlight takes only 1 hour, with a 5V 1A adapter (not included). Turbo drifts downward as cell voltage declines, and then finally steps down in response to the temperature increased. The output is stable and regulated. It lasts 1 hour at High, then steps down to Medium for 6.5 minutes and then to Low for as long as the battery can sustain it.

3. [Clip-on & Magnetic Tail]: A two-way clip is designed on the side, which makes the flashlight easily to clip on cap to be used as a head lamp, backpack, or pocket to free your hand. Also included on the Sofirn SC21 light is a couple of lanyard hole attachment points. it features a gap to allow tail standing while the lanyard is installed. Moreover, there is a strong magnet in torch tail enabling you to attach it in metal surface, and you can take it as a useful tool for car maintenance.

4. [Smart Design, Waterproof & Drop-proof] : The user interface of the Sofirn SC21 is designed to please both those that prefer a stepped mode torch and those who like ramping. It also incorporates Thermal Regulation, Reverse Polarity Protection and Low Voltage Protection for more safe and stable performance. The mini flashlight is IPX8 waterproof designed to be used in rainy and snowy days. This small LED light is made of tough aluminum with hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, which is not only durable but also skid-proof and scratch resistance.

*Light Source: High Performance NW LED LH351D
* Dimensions: Length: 73mm  * Body Diameter 22.5 mm
*Weight: 39g (Not including pocket clip or battery) 
*Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
* Battery Power: 1 x 16340 battery (please choose SC21 set if you also need 16340 battery)
CR123A battery can only be used for emergency due to the low brightness caused by 3V low voltage.

Mode 1: 1000 LM---1 hr
Mode 2: 400 LM---1.5 hr
Mode 3: 100 LM---4 hr 
Mode 4: 10 LM---18 hr
Mode 5: 1 LM---85 hr
Strobe: 1000 LM
SOS: 120 LM
Beacon: 1000 LM
Ramping: from 1 LM to 1000 LM

*Max Beam Intensity (cd): 4533
* Max Beam Distance (m):135
*Waterproof :IPX8 (underwater 2 meters, cannot be usd as diving flashlight underwater) 
*Impact Resistance(m):1 meter

Operation Instructions
Group 1:  Stepped mode group
Stepped modes give you fixed brightness levels to choose from: Low – Medium – High, hidden Moonlight and Turbo. 
From OFF single click to turn ON. Press and hold to cycle through stepped modes (Low – Medium – High). Single click to turn OFF.

Double click to activate Turbo mode from OFF or ON. While in Turbo mode, single click to return to the previously used mode, double click again to activate Moonlight mode.

From OFF, hold 1 second to turn on with Moonlight mode, another hold to Low.
Group 2:  Ramping group
Ramping mode gives you full flexibility to adjust brightness steplessly from Moon to Turbo level.
From OFF single click to turn ON. Press and hold to change brightness steplessly (“ramp”). Ramping changes its direction when the button is being pressed again within 1.5 seconds. The light flashes once when it reaches the lower or upper end of the ramp. From ON single click to turn OFF again.

Double click to activate Turbo level from OFF or ON. Another single click to return to the previously used brightness level, double click again to activate Moonlight level.

From OFF, hold 1 second to turn on with Moonlight level.
Toggle between Group 1 and Group 2
From ON, 4 fast clicks to cycle between both mode groups.
Strobe Modes 
Triple click to activate Strobe mode from OFF or ON. While in Strobe mode, single click to return to the previously used standard mode, or press and hold to cycle through SOS - Beacon - Strobe.
Electronic Lockout
SC21 comes with a lock-out function to prevent accidental activation, e.g. in one’s pocket or backpack. 

From OFF, 4 fast clicks to activate lockout. Another 4 fast clicks to deactive lockout again and return to the previous mode setting. When the light is locked, the main LED only blinks two times to show the status of being locked. While in lockout mode, hold the side switch to use Moonlight mode.