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Headlight selection technique

Headlight selection technique

The choice of lamps and lanterns and the use of headlights are one of the most important equipment in the field. "The desire to work well, the first benefit", and the correct choice of tools, can make you easier to cope with in different environments. There are many kinds of headlights. We will have different choices according to different functions.

The selection of lamps is a troublesome problem. Function, price, weight, volume, versatility, and even appearance will affect your final decision. Then, from the most basic needs, how to choose specific lamps and lanterns in a specific time and specific environment.

Use for consideration

A. if you don't walk on the night road, you don't need to use it to search the water at night, just a leisurely dinner in the camp. You don't have to use too much complex lamps and lanterns. In this case, the simplest LED lamp is enough, the lighting time is long, the use of the economy, the convenience is enough, the most popular 25 pieces of 5LED. The lamp is a cheap choice, and all kinds of ordinary flashlights are also good (but sometimes it is best to take DIY small head band).

B. if it is often in the field, then it may not be a midnight rain to catch up the mountain road experience, in this case, only a sufficient brightness of the incandescent light source, good waterproof and reliability, more electricity saving, the range is far more than you need to consider, in short you need a better balanced luminaire. If you want to save money, the domestic imitation L flashlight and some domestic headlights are still available, but the weight and volume are quite large relative to their brightness.

C. If you want to do a long donkey, you need enough lighting time and necessary lighting, and two different types of battery lamps may make you depressed. Then, double light lamps are your best choice.

Consider the use of the environment

In general outdoor environment, the requirements for lamps and lanterns are not very high, but in some special circumstances, we must suit the remedy to the case.

A. winter

The performance of the battery is discounted at low temperature. Unless you have the strength to carry enough spare batteries, the best choice for the northern winter or snow mountain environment is the double light source lamp with the outer battery box, and you must notice that the headlights can be done easily in the case of a thick glove.

B. diving

Diving lamps emphasize absolute waterproofing and reliability, adequate lighting time and high brightness requirements, preferably with ready to use spare bulbs. The requirements for volume and weight are not very strict, and the use flexibility of hand-held lamps is good.

C. hole

The environment for the hole is more sinister, and the headlights, such as water and rockfall, must have the characteristics of strong waterproof. Of course, it is also convenient to combine with the helmet, and the long time hole in the stone lamp will not be dabbled for the time being. High brightness is necessary. In order to deal with the unimaginable predicament caused by the sudden extinction of the light bulb during the process, second light sources are easily opened in time. The luminaire with double light sources is the most suitable, and the range of LED is obviously not enough. Then, the headlights of double lamp bowl and double Halogen bulb are in place.

D. search

If it is used for outdoor rescue, search and use, there is no doubt that brightness and range are in the first place, then two sacrifices are usually made: at the expense of weight and volume, or at the sacrifice of the life of the bulb for brightness, and at the expense of a small volume at the expense of the duration of the use.